Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories

No equipment or chemicals except the ones provided for the practicals, should be handled by the students. Damage to the equipment or breakage will have to be compensated by the students concerned. All dues must be cleared before the final examination.

Under penalty of exclusion from the practical classes for a period of time or any other penalty that the Principal deems fit, students are warned not to take any equipment or chemical out of the laboratories without the explicit permission of the Teacher-in-charge.

Biology Lab

Life science revolves about our very existence. The tissues in plant and animal life are the basics on which life science is based. Biology is the amalgam of (Botany + Biology). The specimens range for one called organism to preserved skeletons of babies and the adults. Drawing chart, bottled specimen have made the Bio Lab a very special place for children.

Physics Lab

The knowledge is not only transmitted through class room teaching, but also meaningful learning may occur where laboratory activities are well integrated as a part of teaching learning process of class room.  The role of Physics laboratory is prominent in our school physics courses.  Physics laboratory is the basis of understanding the key concept in Physics.  Our school Physics lab is well furnished with equipments and apparatus.  It provides suitables environment for students to:-

  • Undertand the concepts which have been taught in the classes.
  • Practice in teaching measurement
  • Working in groups.

Chemistry Laboratory

The avant-garde Chemistry Laboratory provides a platform for students to nurture the budding scientist within them. The Lab is provided with the devices like- Electronic weighing machine, Bunsen burners, beakers and flasks. Concealed gas line and the safety devices such as Firefighting equipment, First- Aid Kit etc. The acids and other reactive chemicals are stored in separate locked cupboards as a further precautionary measure. The students are provided with separate workstations with individual burners and plug points.

The apparatus includes the common place strikers, mortar and pestle, clay triangles, watch glasses, crucibles, crucible tongs, chemical spoon, stirring rods, filter funnels and a variety of stoppers. In the chemistry lab students are expected to indulge in a creative interplay of observation, experimentation and theoretical inferences. Students are trained to use scientific instruments, make observations, interpret and draw conclusions from observed facts.

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